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Kimonobeaute offers you KIMONO dressing and a KIMONO-set to your home
—the easiest way to experience KIMONO

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Kimono is one of greatest parts of Japanese culture. It is the pride of Japanese fashion. If you want to understand and experience the beauty of Japanese culture, Kimono is recommended for your first step.

You'll be the coolest person next time you go to a party, restaurant, theater, shopping or anywhere else in a KIMONO.

Kimonobeaute offers you KIMONO dressing and a KIMONO-set to your home, which is the easiest way to experience KIMONO.

Enjoy real life in Japan with real Japanese clothes.


Photo: Chie SASAKI

Chie Sasaki

Born in Iwate and live in Tokyo now.

March 2009: Sagami Kimono Bunka Gakuen Grand Master Kimono Dresser License I would love to tell foreigners how fun and exciting to wear Kimono, so I have started this service working as an office worker.

I am a kind of person who really enjoy everyday life, surrounded by favorite things, not only Kimono, but also comedy, cats, working-out, reading, traveling, eating and so on.......

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Kimono Dressing and Dressing Lessons

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